Husband and wife (Don and Sandie) and we've both been wearing hearing aides for many years, Don for several years more than Sandie. We've always gone through US Hearing Centers and we highly recommend their products! We've been to many offices in Jacksonville, some due to the store closing and once due to bad experiences in one office. However, Mike Caudill is hands down the best in town! He listens to both of us and gives us options and help to get the best out of our hearing aides. His front desk lady is great too...I'm bad with names so don't want to put the wrong name on here....but both of them run an excellent office and work with you on issues. As long as Mike is in practice we'll follow him! We love our hearing aides and we love this office!!
don smith, on Google
Mike Caudill is an excellent audiologist! He has a calm and warm bedside manner that put me to ease. The appointment was very organized and professional. He offered an honest recommendation and did not try to oversell any products. I was very pleased and I highly recommend him to anyone!
Alex McClure, on Google
Didn’t seem to have the correct insurance information. Contacted the insurance company myself to have them explain my coverage. Now just waiting on confirmation so I can work on ordering the hearing aids.
Ken Koteles, on Google
Just a week wonderful experience really. Mike is a knowledgeable yet kind and caring individual whose experience and expertise in the area is unparalleled. His honest approach is wonderful as well. He advised me that I did not need anything at this time, but when I do he will be able to provide me with the best hearing aids there are.
Carol Lemos, on Google
Mike Caudill is the most talented and professional audiologist. His genuine care and concern for patients is remarkable. “Doctor” Caudill has been treating me since 2006. Over the years with several different hearing aid applications, he has kept my ability to hear and understand speech at the highest possible level. I highly recommend you see Mike Caudill for a through evaluation. His ethical practice will steer you in the best possible direction.
Jody Brandenburg, on Google

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