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Mike is excellent and I feel very grateful to be under his care. Jennifer is also very helpful. I couldn't feel more confident with the level of expertise I experienced in their office.
Dianne Vergos, on Google
I am two years into my hearing aids. I am extremely pleased with them. In addition, Mile Caudill meets with me every 4 months to see how the hearing aids are working and need to be better tuned. I could not ask for better service.
John Tancredi, on Google
I took my friend Bobbi to see Dr. Caudill for hearing aids. I was amazed at how well she could hear as soon as the Dr. put them on! I found him to be highly skilled and knowledgeable. It was great that he is a hearing aid user as well, because he knows what the patient is going through. Thanks again!
Alyson Peder, on Google
I do not have enough superlatives to describe the service and care I have received from Mike Caudill and his assistant, Jennifer Wells. Two years ago I brought my then 88 year old, seriously hearing deficit mother to be fitted for two hearing aides. The initial settings were not accurate and Mike worked diligently to get them right, even making a home visit at one point when mom was homebound. Once the settings were fixed, the Audibel (Starkey) hearing aides have performed wonderfully, providing mom access back into the world that had been closed off to her for so long. All along the way, Mike (who wears hearing aides himself and therefore fully understands the patient's experience) has been supportive, available and, above all, compassionate in his approach to mom. I have lost count of the times Mike and Jennifer have gone above and beyond to help mom, and can't imagine a relative scenario in which they would not do all they could to keep mom in the hearing world. Of all of the health care professionals that mom sees (and that would be a lot), I would rank Mike and Jennifer at the top of the list in terms of service, professionalism and compassion.
Chenz DiMattia, on Google
Mike Caudill and his staff are excellent. Mike, as a hearing aid user, understood my concerns about purchasing a new hearing aid and the adjustment process. I appreciate that he did not use any type of high pressure sales. He simply explained my options, educated me about new technology, and let me take my time to decide what was the best fit (pun intended) for me. A hearing aid is a necessary evil for some of us and Mike makes a process that I used to dread, a pleasant experience. Simply put, Mike gets it.
Michelle Jahn, on Google

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